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Every seven seconds there is a auto accident injury. Every seven seconds there is a work-related injury. And every two seconds there is a home related injury. The majority of these injuries are spine related and are the leading contributor to chronic pain and disability today. Improper diagnosis and treatment of spinal injuries, mTBI, and related soft tissue conditions lead to increased healthcare costs, pain relievers, and most importantly, decreased quality of life.

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Depending on the study, current data indicates up to 50% of people who experience a whiplash injury will never fully recover and as much as 30% will remain moderately to severely disabled by their condition. Dr. Laura McChesney is trained in examining, diagnosing, and treating these spinal injuries with evidence-based protocols. Dr. McChesney also works with other medical specialists as needed to get excellent patient outcomes.

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of people who experience a whiplash injury.


of the world’s population suffers from lower back pain.


United States citizens visit a chiropractor annually.


Why Choose Us

At Momentum Rehab and Chiropractic, we help maximize your complete recovery.

Dr. McChesney examines and diagnoses your condition, then evaluates your rehabilitation needs.

Evidence-based treatment programs are developed for individual needs

One-on-One physiotherapy helps you get back to life.

Co-management with other specialists as needed.

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The Three Main Injuries Any Spine Can Have

"Don't make your injury experience worse by choosing the wrong doctor or the wrong attorney to assist you."

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Let us help you on your road to recovery